Wedding Ceremony Checklist

For your consideration, we complied a helpful checklist to help you organize your special day!

Click here to print the wedding ceremony checklist.

Wedding Ceremony Checklist 

___As soon as possible: Confirm your date and time with As You Like It Weddings; send the 50% deposit so that we reserve that time for you.

___Up to 90 days before the wedding: Purchase your marriage license from any County Clerk Recorder’s Office in California. You will both need to go there together with a photo ID. As of January 1, 1995, a blood test is no longer required. As of this writing, the license costs $77 at the Butte County Clerk Recorder’s Office, and hours are Monday through Friday 9 am to 5pm. Their phone number is 530-538-7635

___At least 2 weeks before the wedding: Select your ceremony, make any changes/additions or deletions to the ceremony, make a copy to KEEP, and send your ceremony to As You Like It Wedding Ceremonies. This is so that we have an opportunity to read through your changes, ask any questions, and prepare your keepsake copy of the ceremony.

___The day of the wedding: Don’t forget to bring the ring(s) to the ceremony location.

___The day of the wedding: Your officiate will arrive one-half hour before the ceremony is to begin. Arrange for the Maid/Matron of Honor or Best Man to meet with your officiate and show him/her where the ceremony will take place.

___The day of the wedding: Bring the wedding license and envelope to the ceremony location. Instruct the Maid/Matron of Honor or Best Man to give it to your officiate when he/she arrives. This is VERY IMPORTANT as the ceremony cannot begin without first having your valid marriage license in your officiate’s possession.

___The day of the wedding: Give the Maid/Matron of Honor or Best Man a check made out to “As You Like It Wedding Ceremonies” for the remaining amount due and instruct them to give the check to your officiate when he/she arrives. After the ceremony is a time of celebration for you and your guests. It is not a time for bill collection; that is why we ask to receive the check just before the ceremony.

___The day of the wedding: Be happy, be joyous, be yourselves.