Our Ministers

Lisa Holeman

Lisa Holeman, M.A., Ordained Minister, Owner
Hi, I’m Lisa, and I will be the one you talk to when you call As You Like It Weddings! I’ve been performing weddings for about 15 years and have had the honor of presiding well over 1,000 ceremonies. It is my passion! I LOVE it! There is nothing I’d rather do. I feel so privileged to have work that is filled with such love and joy. Words cannot capture the gratitude I feel to be a part of such a sacred time in people’s lives. I have been extremely selective in choosing the following wonderful associates to perform your wedding with great competence and loving care.

Rebecca Senoglu

Rebecca Senoglu, B.A., Ordained Minister
Rebecca is a magnificent speaker, for which many agencies and organizations have requested her services. She was ordained through the Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministries, has served as an Associate Chaplain at Kaiser Hospital in Walnut Creek and did clinical pastoral education at UC Davis Medical Center. Presently, she coordinates the Cancer Support Program at Enloe Medical Center where she also volunteers as a White Rose Companion. She is a wonderful mother to her beautiful daughter and is happily married to her handsome husband. She has worked for As You Like It for over 10 years and considers it an honor and a great joy to perform wedding ceremonies. In her eyes, each and every wedding is a special event!

Daniel Duart

Daniel Duart, B.A., Ordained Minister
Daniel has a contagious smile and great enthusiasm for officiating wedding ceremonies. He encourages self expression in all ceremonies and enjoys the opportunity to talk with brides and grooms before creating that very special day they will always remember. “A wedding is a sacred and joyful ceremony where two people vow to share their lives and unite their spirits. I enjoy participating in a ceremony created by and for the love two people have for one another.” He has studied literature, art, and communications, which encouraged him to research numerous systems of belief and look for the common threads that unite people, promote peace and increase stability in our world.

Stephen Muser

Stephen Muser, M.S., Ordained Minister
Steve has been conducting wedding ceremonies and rehearsals for As You Like It Weddings since 1999.  His experience, and warm, reassuring presence makes him a much sought after minister.  Steve shares, “The atmosphere at a wedding is so positive. Other than being present at the birth of a child, nothing compares with the magic of a wedding day.  It is an honor and a pleasure to perform a couples’ wedding ceremony.”  Steve is a retired elementary school teacher and lives in Chico.

Yazmin Barrera

Yazmin Barrera, Ministro de habla española (Spanish speaking Minister)
Yazmin brings bright and joyful energy that lights up any room. She believes love has no boundaries and it deserves to be celebrated daily. Chico has a special place in her heart; it’s the city where she grew up and would eventually fall in love. She has a passion for bringing people together and is excited to share her talents and experience with you. As a previous client of As You Like It Weddings, she understands the pivotal role a minister plays when it comes to an unforgettable ceremony. As a native Spanish speaker, she will eloquently guide your wedding in English, Spanish or both. With grace, reverence, and joy, she will stand by your side as you and your soulmate embark on this wonderful adventure that is marriage.

(Spanish translation)

Yazmin trae una feliz y brillante energía a cualquier ocasión. Ella cree que el amor no tiene barreras y merece ser celebrado diario. Chico tiene un lugar especial en su corazón; es el lugar donde ella se creó y eventualmente se enamoró. Su pasión es unir a la gente y está entusiasmada en compartir sus talentos y experiencias con ustedes. Como cliente previa de As You Like It Weddings, ella entiende el papel esencial que tiene un Ministro cuando se trata de una ceremonia inolvidable. El Español siendo su lengua nativa, ella elocuentemente guiará su boda en Inglés, Español o ambos. Con gracia, reverencia y gusto, ella estará a su lado mientras usted y su alma gemela empiezan en esta bella aventura que es el matrimonio.

Marie Altman

Marie Altman, Ministro de habla española (Spanish speaking Minister)
Marie’s kindness and compassion shine through her bright blue eyes. She has a smile that will warm your heart! Her strong love for people and sacred rituals make her a perfect fit for any wedding ceremony. She has a degree in liberal studies and is a credentialed teacher. She has taught bilingual education, art, and ESL for fifteen years, in addition to poetry workshops, mindfulness, and yoga to students of all ages. She brings a peaceful calm to the wedding ceremony and loves being part of a new beginning.
(Spanish translation)

La bondad y compasión de Marie brillan a través de sus brillantes ojos azules.  ¡Tiene sonrisa que calentará tu corazón!  Su fuerte amor por la gente y rituales sagrados hacerla perfecta para qualquier boda.  Tiene una licenciatura en estudios liberales y es profesora de primaria.  Ha impartido educación bilingüe, el arte y ESL desde hace quince años, además de talleres de poesía, conciencia y yoga a estudiantes de todas las edades.  Ella trae calma tranquila a la ceremónia de boda y vive formando parte de un nuevo comienzo.

Rob Minister Photo

Rob Cossetta, B.S., Ordained Minister

Rob is a fun-loving, sincere, kind-hearted individual. He is a successful yoga instructor who is very knowledgeable in the field of horticulture and cooking. He believes that marriage brings forth the experiences and insights that two separate individuals commune into a divine union from the moment of the proposal to the act of taking vows. He stated, “we have a universal humanity beyond all faiths, beliefs, orientations and cultures that can provide growth and insight into our souls. By devoting this intension to each other, this mutual sharing provides your foundation of joy, peace and love.”